The Law Office of Kenneth W. Strauss provides its clients with monthly detailed billing statements which identify with particularity all legal work performed, including the identity of the professional conducting each task, the time spent on the task and the rate for each professional involved. All billable time is measured in increments of 0.1 hours.
General Counsel services are typically billed at hourly rates; however, in recognition that our clients are often constrained by pre-existing budgetary requirements, flat-rate or non-to-exceed fees are available for certain specific assignments, such as amendment or restatement of governing documents.  These arrangements allow our clients to budget for

known legal costs in advance, eliminating the worry of unanticipated or unbudgeted fees.

Litigation matters may be handled hourly or under a contingent fee agreement depending on what the most appropriate approach to a particular matter may be.  Flexible hybrid fees may also be available where appropriate.


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